Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for your home’s new driveway is easy and involves some quick checks around your property. For instance, we ask that you remove any garden decor, as well as plants or flowers around the edges in order to keep them safe during the installation process. We also ask that you alert our team to any irrigation lines and pet fences and please provide access to your garage and a nearby hose with running water. 

The cost of a new driveway for your home spans a considerable range and depends on project specifics like the condition of your existing driveway, assuming you have one, as well as the requested size and length of the new driveway. We provide free estimates to everyone because each project is so customized. What we tell everyone, however, is that your driveway should last between 15-20 years and is an important investment in your property. So, when you consider the total cost, try to envision spreading that number out over that 15-20 year span.  

On average, a driveway should last between 15 to 20 years, but it always depends on weather conditions and overall use. 

We will discuss the wear and tear you can expect from your driveway over time, as well as issues that fall outside of normal expectations. For instance, some customers might complain that, over time, their driveway looks gray instead of black. This is totally normal and nothing to worry about; in fact, it’s just part of a natural process called oxidation.  

Following the completion of your driveway installation, we will leave you with a handy Asphalt Driveway Care & Maintenance card, which lists all sorts of helpful tips to support the optimal condition and longevity of your driveway. For instance, avoiding excessive exposure to certain products like gasoline or oil is important so as not to damage the asphalt. Another pro-tip: on hot days, avoid turning your car’s wheels on the pavement or parking a heavy vehicle on it for an extended length of time. Fun fact: it takes an average of two years for the pavement on your driveway to completely harden.  

As you know, here in Minnesota we have challenging weather, which can compromise the condition of your driveway over time. Between wintertime’s harsh freeze/thaw cycles and our scorching summers, these weather extremes can cause your driveway to expand and contract, resulting in cracks, buckling or collapsing. That’s why we make every effort to ensure your driveway is installed with these challenges in mind, as well as educate our customers on smart care tips to help protect your driveway against the elements.

Most cities regulate the distance between property line and driveway and we must always take into account other considerations like drainage and existing irrigation line

Yes! We have done many commercial recreation courts like tennis courts and basketball courts, as well as other sports-related paved areas like golf cart paths.

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients.

“I was very pleased with the work Blacktop Central did on my driveway! They were very thorough, kept me posted on times that they would be there, and the young lady at the office was very courteous and kept me updated on the time of arrival of the crew. They were also more affordable than another bid that I had gotten. They also finished the job in one day. Other neighbors' driveways were torn up for more than three weeks. Thank you Blacktop Central.”